Absorption / Absorption

Absorption/Administration: (Body absorption)

There are only two places in the human body that allow for absorption of vitamins, minerals, supplements, and, for that matter, drugs and nutrients of any kind, etc.

First is in the flora of the intestine. To get to the small intestine, you have to pass the mouth, the esophagus, the harsh acids in the stomach, digestive juices and enzymes coming from the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and spleen and then into the small intestines where the flora exists. Interestingly, medical research has shown that any substance that passes through the digestive tract whether vitamin, mineral or drug in route to the flora of the intestines, will have a maximum absorption of between 12 and 18 percent. From the time it is put in the mouth until it actually reaches the flora of the intestine you will loose between 82 to 88 percent of what you originally consumed. The 12% to 18% that is left still after being absorbed through the flora in the intestines goes into the liver to be processed before being put into the blood stream. Consequently, when you think you are getting your recommended daily allowance you are really only absorbing somewhere around 15 percent of that substance.
Talk about a bad investment…

The second place that any of these substances can be absorbed into the body is under the tongue. For those of you that have taken any Homeopathic formulas, they tell you to put the pellets under your tongue. Medical research has shown that the absorption rate increases on average, between 90 and 95 percent by putting the substances in liquid form under the tongue. Obviously, it would only make sense to be able to get all of your vitamins, minerals and supplements absorbed under the tongue where the absorption is going to be at its greatest. You are therefore utilizing the maximum potential of your vitamins and minerals. If you are taking vitamins, you would literally have to take seven to ten times more of a solid vitamin in pill or capsule form than you would in liquid form under your tongue. Please don’t forget, it is also a much better return on your investment.

Logic would dictate that if we could find a way to get all of our supplements into liquid form and then concentrated enough to be administered under the tongue we would have the perfect supplement. After years of research and finding a company that would diligently work with me to achieve this ultimate line of supplements, we have done just that and they are now available to you only at BDC locations.

Why are our vitamins the best available on the market today? The principals of BDC are all based around ionization and consuming live food. Whether you use our Detox/regeneration process, our oxygen sessions or include our Ultra Liquid Health nutritional line, you are a living organism and need living nutrients. Putting dead products into a living body just doesn’t make sense.

Absorption/Ionization: (Cellular Absorption)

In order to achieve cellular absorption or elimination, the body has to first do one thing. Open the cell wall. Every cell in the human body has an inside (intracellular matrix) and an outside (extracellular matrix). What separates the two is the cell wall. The cell wall has a negatively charged ion on the inside called an electron; and it has a positively charged ion on the outside of cell wall called a proton. In order for anything to enter the cell or leave the cell, the cell wall must open. This is achieved by having the ions switch polarity; meaning that the inside of the cell wall now holds a positively charged ion and the outside of the cell wall now holds a negatively charged ion. What this does is very simply create an open door scenario that allows the transfer of something into or out of the cell. This process must occur for every cell of the human body to stay alive, whether it be a liver cell, colon cell, lung cell, artery cell, or any other cell of the body. All of our Ultra Liquid Health formulas are designed to be able to open the cell wall and be absorbed into the cell thus allowing for maximum health.

In the case of our highly sophisticated nutrients, what we have done is to ionize all of our products to allow for absorption/absorption. – we have created the perfect scenario for taking vitamins, minerals and supplements. Again, as you have just read, the first fact is the absorption rate. By administering our supplements under your tongue, the absorption rate is somewhere between 90% to 95%. Once it is absorbed into your blood stream, now it actually has the capability of entering the cell as it passes by every organ, gland, muscle, etc. Ionized/living nutrients is the key.

Under the tongue the absorption of all substances get absorbed directly into the bucal mucosa and from there directly into the blood stream. From there these substances can be readily absorbed by other body parts including the brain, all organs and glands, muscles and all other body parts.

Absorption of Liquid Vitamins

There are only a few different ways in which nutrients can get into your bloodstream:

  • By injection . . . must be performed by a clinic or physician. This will assure 100% absorption into the blood stream but not necessarily into the cell
  • Through the mucous membranes of the mouth via a sublingual tablet or liquid. This method is highly effective and accounts for 90% to 95% absorption. This is the method that Homeopathy is administered
  • Via the lining of the walls of the upper intestines. Passing through the digestive juices destroys a significant amount of these supplements and only 12% to 18% make it into the blood stream
  • Via the lining of the colon walls using suppositories which are prescription items and are not applicable to supplements


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